For more information, call us now! 703-998-8900

For more information, call us now! 703-998-8900

We are Medicare / Medicaid certified ACHC accredited

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Our Speech Therapists are tasked with helping patients regain their communication skills after a stroke or as part of a developmental disability. There are many ways that therapy can make a difference in you or your loved one’s capabilities of self-expression.

These are some of the areas that are covered by Speech Therapy Programs:

  • Therapy for swallowing disorders
  • Articulation and pronunciation exercises
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Phonological delays therapy
  • Assessment and treatment of dysarthria
  • Treatment for cognition disorders
  • Treatment for aphasia following a stroke
  • Treatment for auditory processing disorders
  • Assessment and recommendation for learning disabilities
  • Autism spectrum disorder treatment
  • Treatment for cerebral palsy

Do you want to work with a speech therapist to improve your communication skills? Our speech therapy programs are personalized to your specific needs. Please request an evaluation by a speech therapist from America’s Nursing, Inc. today. A physician’s order is required. Call us at 703-998-8900.